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Winter Driving

Winter driving is a necessity here in Manitoba. Whether you are headed to visit family out of town, or to the grocery store down the block, there are things you can do to make your drive safer. Learn about safe winter driving with these tips from the Government of Canada.

Manitoba Public Insurance also offers tips for winter driving. If you are travelling in the North, you will need to be well informed of winter road/ice road driving tips and conditions.

If you are planning a road trip of any length, especially when kids are involved, make sure you are well prepared in every way. Winter road trips can be lots of fun, but the roads and weather present hazards that don't exist other times of the year. Check weather forecasts and highway conditions on the web; for highway conditions, you can also dial 511 in Manitoba. Other important things you should do before setting out include:

  • Make sure your gas tank is full in case of the unexpected.
  • Plan your route, and be aware of any construction or hazards.
  • Pack a survival kit in your trunk including a candle, snacks, blankets, matches, extra clothes and footwear, a first aid kit, antifreeze, booster cables, sand, a tow rope, an ice scraper, and a shovel.
  • Make sure you bring an adequate supply of any medication you take regularly.
  • Avoid travelling alone whenever possible. Bring a cell phone with you.
  • Make sure someone knows your driving route, as well as when you expect to arrive.
  • Be prepared to take your time. Speeding is dangerous any time of the year, but can be especially so in winter when roads are slippery and visibility is low.
  • Bring lots of activities for the kids, and lots of snacks and drinks! It's always better to have extras than to not have enough.

And don't forget to take breaks, and have fun! Even if you are driving a familiar route, things might look different in the winter season. There also might be different sights to see along the way, so why not stop to check out the winter attractions that Manitoba has to offer?