Financial Preparation

When planning for the arrival of a new family member, you will want to take some time to look over your finances. It is a good idea to think about reducing your spending now so that when your new addition comes along, you have already adjusted to your new financial plan. There are many items you can purchase but not all of them are essential; in fact, many people have raised children without all the gizmos and gadgets. Many items, like high chairs, can be purchased later on when your child is old enough to actually use it.

There are many changes ahead including some that you can't always predict – being financially prepared can help reduce some of the stress involved with raising a family.

Raising a family takes time, diligence and resources, but there is guidance available to help families navigate through the money management minefield. Families with low and moderate incomes and families with children who have special needs may be eligible for additional provincial and federal assistance. For more detailed information on money management and the financial benefits that may be available to you, follow the links in this section.

  • Your Future Self
    The Manitoba Securities Commission has developed the Your Future Self web site to provide citizens with helpful information about investor education and fraud prevention. Whether you choose to shop, save, spend, or invest, these decisions will have an impact on your financial future.