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Middle Years Children

About Your Middle Years Child

Middle years children (ages 9 to 13) are beginning many of the important transitions to adulthood, making this a challenging time both for children and parents.
Middle Years Children - Manitoba Parent Zone - Healthy Child Manitoba

During these years, children begin the physical changes of puberty, which can affect their behaviour in many ways, such an encouraging aggression. They will also develop more abstract thinking abilities and more ability to understand others and to think of the ethics, or right and wrong, of a subject. Their relationships with friends or peers from school will become very important to them and often their self-esteem can be more fragile. When parenting middle years children, it's important to listen and to understand the pressures that they face from other children and media such as television, movies and music. These pressures can include bullying and negative social influences such as gangs and substance use and abuse.

Children in the middle years can learn responsibility by doing chores around the house and by learning to manage money, such as an allowance. By law, children under the age of 12 cannot be left without supervision. But by the end of the middle years, age 13, they may be responsible enough to babysit or supervise younger brothers or sisters.