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  • Adjusting to Your New Baby – Tips to help you cope with your new baby and the changes in your life.
  • Attachment – Attachment is the emotional bond that evolves between children and their caregivers. Children grow to trust and feel secure in their environment when they have a strong attachment relationship to a caregiver.
  • Attachment – Connecting to Your Child – Learn about the importance of attachment in your relationship with your child and how it contributes to their healthy growth and development.
  • Caring for Your New Baby – Resource information to help you provide a healthy and nurturing environment for your child from birth to two years of age.
  • CPR: Baby
  • Enjoying TV & Computers With Your Child
  • Families First Program
  • Family Connections – This booklet will help you learn about attachment and bonding. It tells you what these are, why they are important, and what you can do. This booklet includes information about how you can be the parent your child needs. It also shares the importance of strong connections with extended family and community.
  • Fatherhood is Forever – Welcome to the most important and challenging journey of your life – fatherhood. As a father, you make a big difference in the life of your child. Many fathers want to be more involved with their children. This booklet will help you be a confident and effective father. It talks about why fathers are important, includes ideas of how to be involved at different stages of your child's life, and shares information about traditional fathering roles.
  • Flood Stress Information – When floods threaten individuals, families and communities, it's normal to experience strong emotions. The stress of losing a home or treasured possessions can take a serious toll.
  • Growing Up Healthy – Historically, Indigenous people had a close connection with the land and the food it provided. Food that was taken from the natural world was honoured and respected. It was never wasted, always shared. People were active as part of their daily lives. This booklet will help you learn how to help your child grow up in a healthy way. It will help families think about healthy food and being active. Most of the things you can do are low or no cost. Eating well and being active can be fun and budget friendly. Being healthy also means getting regular check-ups and learning about your body. This booklet also tells you about traditional foods, hearing, dental and eye health, immunizations, sleeping, safety, and more.
  • Healthy Baby – Rural & Northern Community Support Programs – A resource for Rural and Northern parents before and after birth.
  • Healthy Baby – Winnipeg Community Support Programs – A resource for Winnipeg parents before and after birth.
  • Making Connections – Your First Two Years with Baby
  • Manitoba Families of Multiples
  • Multiple Births Canada – Twins? Triplets? Or more? Having multiples can be an exciting but challenging situation for any family. The Manitoba Families of Multiples (formerly known as the Winnipeg Parents of Twins and Triplets Organization) was formed in March 1966 by a group of five mothers of twins and triplets who were interested in meeting to discuss their common problems and to share solutions. All the member families have at least one set of twins, triplets, or higher order multiples such as quadruplets, and some even have two sets of multiples!
  • New Dad Manual – Friendly, useful advice from other Dads on becoming a father and caring for your baby.
  • Nobody's Perfect – A parenting program for parents of children birth to age five.
  • Parent-Child Coalitions – Community-based programs and activities for children and families. Find one in your community.
  • Parent Traps – Learn about "traps" that parents may fall into and how they may impact your child.
  • Parenting On Your Own Handbook ? Raising a child on your own has unique challenges. The Parenting on Your Own handbook features the many supportive resources available to you all in one place.
  • Parenting Resource Information – Provides information that will help answer many of the questions you may have in raising your children.
  • Parents as First Teachers – The first few years of a child's life are critical for learning. It is very important to expose children to their First Nations or Métis language and culture during these years – this is a foundation of who they are. This booklet shares information, culture and knowledge about early learning. It will help you strengthen your role as the first and most important teacher for your child.
  • Parents Without Partners (PWP) – PWP provides single parents and their children with an opportunity for enhancing personal growth, self-confidence and sensitivity towards others by offering an environment for support, friendship and the exchange of parenting techniques.
  • Post-Partum Depression – Signs and symptoms and what you can do.
  • The Power of Play – Learning through play from birth to three.
  • Raising & Caring for Your Child
  • Resource Information for New Parents – Get answers to some of the initial questions that you may have as a new parent.
  • Responding to stressful events: Taking care of ourselves, our families, and our communities – Stressful events can cause fear, anxiety and distress as we worry about our own safety, and also about the well-being of our families and our communities. It is important for us to know and acknowledge that it is normal to feel this way, but that there are steps that we can take to feel better.
  • Sleep Strategies & Information
  • Temperament – Understanding what temperament is; how knowing yours and your child's temperaments can help you parent more effectively.

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