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International Day of the Girl

In December 2011, the members of the United Nations recognized that it was necessary to designate a day to raise awareness of the rights and value of girls across the globe. It was decided that October 11, 2012, would be the first International Day of the Girl. Across Canada, and across the world, many people took time both to celebrate the strides we have made, and also to discuss what can be done further. Read more.

Shyness in the school-aged child

We live in a culture that values social interaction and extroversion, but not everyone is wired this way. Some people, kids included, tend to hang back a bit more, and are a little more cautious by nature. Of course, there is nothing wrong with shyness, but parents can sometimes worry that being shy will lead to unhappiness or loneliness for their child, and having a shy or introverted child can seem especially challenging when you or your partner are more outgoing. But take heart – rest assured many shy or introverted kids go on to lead happy and fulfilling lives! There are things that you can do to help your child come out of his or her shell and make friends along the way. Read more.

The Importance of Family Mealtimes

Family life seems busy for all of us these days. Working parents, extracurricular activities, homework: sometimes it can seem impossible just to get everyone in one place! Although many of us might remember eating with our families at the dinner table when we were growing up, family mealtimes might seem tough to navigate these days. But, eating together as a family can offer many benefits for kids.Read more