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Creating Toys and Activities for Children From “Beautiful Junk”

Recycling has become part of most people’s lives. But before some items hit the recycle bin, they can be reused to create toys and art. This kind of “recycling” inspires the imaginations of children and adults alike. Because there is no right or wrong way to create with junk, it encourages a child's creativity and helps develop problem-solving skills. Allow children to put their imaginations to work with your beautiful junk. Read more.

Tax Tips for Parents and Families

Filing your taxes can seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be. There are many resources from both the Manitoba government and Canada Revenue Agency that are designed to help you understand how to get the most out of your taxes. Did you know that there are ways that families can reduce their taxes? These include deductions for fitness activities, children with disabilities, child care, and even arts activities. Check these links for more information about filing your taxes in Manitoba. Read more.

Being a Present Parent

The world of a parent is a busy place – running from one activity to another, making dinner, the pressures of balancing work and family…it’s no wonder many of us feel distracted and rushed sometimes. And when you add technology like cell phones and laptops into the mix, it gets even harder to stay in the moment. But not being present for our kids can impact how we feel, as well as how our kids behave. Parents might feel pulled in many directions at once, as though they can’t keep up with all the demands, or might feel guilty for not being able to ‘do it all’. Kids might act out in different ways to get attention, or might whine or cling. If this sounds familiar, be kind to yourself – our current North American culture encourages multi-tasking and fast-paced living. But many parents have noticed that it’s when we slow down and pay attention that we really start to notice and enjoy the little moments that make parenting worthwhile. Read more.