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August 6-19, 2017,celebrate life and culture with world-class entertainment, delicious authentic food and beautiful cultural displays at Folklorama, the largest and longest-running multicultural festival of its kind in the world. Read more.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Energized – Sports Drinks, Energy Drinks, and Your Teen

Many teens love energy drinks. They might feel that these drinks improve their performance in sports or workouts. The companies that manufacture these beverages also use powerful marketing tools aimed at young people. Often, energy drinks are marketed as part of an extreme sports lifestyle that many teens find captivating. Read more.

Active Outdoor Fun

Getting outside and being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. And part of parenting is helping the children in your care to learn how to enjoy being physically active outside. You don't need a complicated plan, just get out there and have FUN! Read more.