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Winter Crafts for Kids

As wonderful as our Manitoba winters can be, there will always be days when it is just too cold to be outdoors. So what can you do to keep your kids happy in the house while winter rages outside? One great way to keep little hands busy is making art or craft projects as a family. And, arts and crafts are more than just fun: research shows that involvement in art and creative activities can help kids in other ways, too. Read more.

Connecting with Your Baby

As you prepared for your baby’s arrival, it’s likely that you heard the word ‘attachment’ a few times. Attachment refers to the relationship that infants develop with their caregivers in the first years of life. Having stable and secure attachment relationships sets the stage for relationships later in life. Having good attachment relationships helps the brain develop, and also affects personality in a positive way. Creating a secure attachment bond really does help your baby grow! Read more.

Seasonal Flu

To protect yourself and your friends and family from getting influenza (flu), Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living is encouraging all Manitobans to get a free flu vaccine EARLY fall and EVERY fall. Read more.