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Avoiding debt during the holiday season

The holiday season can be an exciting time. Most people enjoy looking for the perfect gifts for their friends and loved ones. Sometimes, though, people also end up spending more during the holidays than they had planned. This can leave them with mounting credit card debt and stress that will last long after the holiday season ends. You can avoid running up those bills by following these tips. Read more.

Cannabis Talk Kit (Know how to talk with your teen)

Cannabis -legal or otherwise- is a hot topic. Parents who provide their kids with balanced information about the effects associated with cannabis (often called marijuana) can help them make more informed decisions. It is more important than ever for parents to protect their kids' health and development by addressing this issue early and often. Read more.

Bringing home a family pet

Is your family thinking of picking a puppy, falling for a ferret, or caring for a cat? Or maybe you’re more of a hamster kind of home? Many families consider getting a pet at some point, and most kids love animals. In fact, having a family pet can teach many important lessons – your child can learn compassion and respect for living creatures and depending on your child’s age can also help to care for your new family member. And don’t forget that having a family pet can be a whole lot of fun! You might be wondering if your family is ready to welcome an animal into your home - how to choose, and what about the work involved? These are just some of the things to consider before your bring home your new friend. Read more