Before Pregnancy

Before Pregnancy - Manitoba Parent Zone - Healthy Child Manitoba
The best time to start thinking about parenting is before you are pregnant.

Learn about the financial cost of parenting. Are you financially prepared? If you expect to be in the paid workplace when you're a parent, what will you do for child care? Consider your own health and lifestyle. If alcohol or drugs are a problem for you, get help before you become pregnant, and learn how these substances can affect your future child. Learn about the importance of nutrients like vitamin D and folic acid for pregnant women and make sure you are eating the kinds of foods that will help you have a healthy pregnancy. Find out about parenting options, including adoption, being a foster parent, and the treatments available if you have trouble with fertility.

There are programs all over Manitoba to help you in your pregnancy and as a parent or caregiver. Find out about prenatal care in your community, including childbirth education classes and options for birthing your baby. Many other programs and services exist to help Manitobans with the financial and social challenges of parenting. The more you learn now, the better prepared you will feel when and if you need help.