Sexual Health

During pregnancy you might find yourself feeling more or less interested in sex. Many women experience an increase in their sex drives during pregnancy because they feel more attractive, believe their partners find them more attractive or because of hormonal changes. Other women may experience a decrease in their sex drives during pregnancy because they are uncomfortable with their changing shape, are exhausted, or because of changing hormones. However you feel, know that you are allowed to have these feelings, they may change many times throughout your pregnancy.

Sometimes a woman's sex drive doesn't change much during pregnancy but her partner's feelings may have changed. Your partner may also experience a change in attitude about having sex with you because of increased stress, fear of harming the baby, or general worry over becoming a parent. When this happens, it might be beneficial to you both to talk about your feelings and any concerns you may have about having sex. Talking about any changes in your sex life can reduce the chance of hurt feelings (feeling undesired or unattractive) for both partners. Remember that sex is often an expression of love and intimacy, not just an act. If you or your partner is uncomfortable having sexual intercourse during pregnancy, there may be other ways you can share your love and grow closer during this time.

Most women are able to continue to engage in sexual activities during pregnancy. As your pregnancy continues your feelings about sex may change and this is okay. If you have any questions or concerns, speak to your health care provider or midwife.