Just Before Birth

Just Before Birth - Manitoba Parent Zone - Healthy Child Manitoba
As the birth of your baby gets closer, you may feel more tired, and you may have more headaches, less sense of balance, and other kinds of discomfort. To remain in good physical health at this time, make sure you are eating good, nutritious food, getting enough sleep and avoiding alcohol, drugs and tobacco. You need to make your physical health a priority.

During your pregnancy and after your baby is born you will go through many emotional changes. Pregnant women and parents of newborns can feel stress, loneliness, fatigue, worry and other feelings that can affect mental health. Don't be afraid to ask for help. There are many programs and services that can help you. Learn what works for you (exercise, hobbies, talking with friends) to help reduce stress and fear.

Many women in the late stages of pregnancy have plans for the birth of their child. This is something they are often encouraged to do by their doctors, midwives or nurses. To do this, you will need to know about the physical process of giving birth. And you will need to consider the different possible locations (home, hospital, birthing centre) for delivery and the different options for pain relief and other aspects of the delivery. Just remember that even if you have a plan and a strong desire for a certain kind of birth, once you go into labour you may discover that things are quite different. You may need to be able to adapt to the unexpected.

Your life will change in many ways once you give birth to your baby. Knowing more about these changes will help you to adapt to them. Your relationships with friends, family and your partner may be affected. Make plans now for how you will deal with new responsibilities and work around the house as well as how you will divide responsibilities with others involved in caring for your baby. Discuss how you wish to parent your baby with your partner or other family members who will be involved in caregiving. This can help to prevent disagreements and conflicts later.

The things you learn now will help you in your pregnancy, your delivery and your parenting as you work to provide the best care you can for your child.