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About Your Middle Years Child

Brain Development

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During the middle years, development in the brain, specifically the cerebral cortex, strengthens your child's spatial understanding and abilities. Between ages eight and 10, there is a small spurt of activity in these areas. Spatial abilities include skills like judging size or distance and reading maps. To encourage your child's new abilities, you can sit together with a map and figure out the best route to take to the grocery store, grandma's house or the museum.

Additionally, your child's moral development is continuing to expand. Your child is more likely to understand the difference between personal beliefs and social norms or conventions. He will use this information to make informed decisions and judgments on moral issues. He is also able to understand that some people may need more – for example, more time with the teacher, or more time with a parent – and this is okay. These moral developments will lead him to think in terms of equality, compassion and kindness when with others, though this may be less evident with his siblings!