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Born to Communicate

It is very important to speak to your child every day. Though she will not respond with words, she is learning how important words are and she will eventually begin to use words to communicate her needs.

Playing with Dad

Playing is a great way to share language with your child. Your child may not understand everything you are doing or saying but every time you play with your child, he/she will understand a little bit more.

Diaper Change

Diaper changes take up a large part of your toddler's life- before they are toilet trained, the average child has their diaper changed up to 2000 times. This means you have up to 2000 opportunities to talk, sing, play and be silly with your child during this regular parenting task. Make the most of your time together.

Reading a Favourite Book

Any time is a great time to read with your child. Most toddlers will be able to turn the pages in a board book and will love pointing out objects in the pictures. Reading also gives you a chance to enjoy spending time together.

Getting Dressed

Toddlers can start developing some self-help skills like getting dressed or undressed, taking steps towards independence with the support of their parents and caregivers. Watch the video to see how you can help your child practice getting dressed.