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Dial-a-Dietitian 204-788-8248 Toll free 1-877-830-2892

204-788-8248 Toll free 1-877-830-2892 (Voice message available)

The Dial a Dietitian service of Manitoba is here to answer questions and provide advice on food and nutrition to help individuals and families live well and stay healthy. Dial a Dietitian connects callers to a Registered Dietitian, a licensed health professional who has studied the science of nutrition. Registered Dietitians have the ability to put the science of nutrition into everyday practical advice.

Service is free of charge and is available to all residents of Manitoba. Any one can call – the general public, health professionals and community leaders.

Nutrition information is provided verbally and written resources can be mailed to the caller. Callers may be asked to provide confidential information regarding their name, age, address and specific medical conditions to provide for more personalized advice. The service does not provide medical opinions, symptom assessment or medical diagnosis. Contact information or referral to other community nutrition support programs for more in-depth nutrition advice or counseling may be offered and provided.

Dial-a-Dietitian 204-788-8248 Toll free 1-877-830-2892