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If you plan to join the workforce or go to school, it's important to plan early for child care. Manitoba has a multitude of licensed child care facilities and unlicensed private home day cares for you to choose from. Something you will need to think about is whether you need full time or part time child care. Some facilities do not offer part time child care while others do. Be sure to check with your child care provider to ensure they offer the type of care you need for your child.

High quality, accessible and affordable child care is important to all Manitoban families and communities. Learn more about Manitoba's Early Learning and Child Care program and how you can find child care for your children.

Child Care Information for Families

Licensed Child Care Facilities

Manitoba has more than 1,000 licensed child care facilities and there are many different types of child care available, from large child care centres to smaller home daycares. There are also different locations to consider, and different styles of care. Fees for child care, too, can vary but you may qualify for a subsidy.

Manitoba has a centralized online child care search you can use to find child care facilities all over the province.

Unlicensed Private Home Child Care

Unlicensed child care may be another option for you to consider. Any person can provide child care in their home as long as they are not caring for more than four children at a time (including their own children). There are many unlicensed private child care providers in Manitoba. For more information on unlicensed private home daycares and to see if this option is right for you, please visit the Government of Manitoba's Unlicensed Private Home Child Care page.