Family Resolution Service

The Family Resolution Service is being launched in phases to deliver a seamless continuum of public, private and community-based services to Manitobans and support existing and future changes to family law.

Family Guides are now available to answer questions and provide guidance on navigating family law systems and process, help families reach agreement through mediation, and support safety planning for those experiencing domestic violence while going through separation or divorce. Among other forms of support, they aim to connect you to the right place and service quickly.

You connect with a Family Guide by e-mailing or calling 204-945-2313 (Winnipeg) or
1-844-808-2313 (toll-free).

General questions and answers are available through Family Law Manitoba, a bilingual and comprehensive online resource that provides up to date and accurate information about Family Law in Manitoba. This includes information on changing family relationships, parenting, money, property, safety and resolution options.

Self-service tools, resources and information to help families complete the prerequisites to apply to court are also available including:

  • templates and guidelines to help parents develop their parenting arrangements including sharing parenting time and decision-making responsibilities;
  • appropriate resources like arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution services to assist when they cannot resolve their disputes; and
  • a tool to help families gather all of the financial disclosure information needed for child and spousal support as well as property division.