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About Your Early Years Child

Early years refers to ages five through nine, when children are in their first several years in school and are developing new skills, abilities and friendships. Everything from the way they think to the way they move will change and become a little more "grown up" during these years. Even though they may tell you that they are "big kids" now, they are still developing in many ways and will likely still have occasional incidents of bedwetting.

School is often the beginning of exciting, happy events. Children’s social development changes rapidly during these years as school and other activities give them the chance to meet new people and make new friends. Unfortunately, there are sometimes unwelcome events too. By making new friends, your child will be able to learn about others and may be challenged by their peers. They will also be exposed to older children and different beliefs – something that many parents find difficult to handle. Relationships become more complicated during these years. Find out about friendships and listen for any sign that bullying is occurring in your child's life. During your child’s early years, talking and listening to them is important because you won't always be able to see what they are doing yourself.

Providing positive and healthy discipline to encourage positive behaviour will be important during these years. You will also want to be aware of your child's use of media and communications technology and encourage the development of responsibility.

The day will come when your child comes home from school practicing a word or movement that will shock you. Are you ready? If you aren't sure, there is information and resources available to help guide you in handling some of these situations.

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