Early Stages of Pregnancy

Once you are pregnant you'll go through many changes and you will have a lot to think about regarding the health and safety of your baby.

Learn about how pregnancy will affect your body and your emotions. Learn about pregnancy itself. The more you know about the stages of pregnancy and how a human being develops in its mother's womb, the more you will understand the advice you will hear from your nurse, midwife or doctor.

Early Stages of Pregnancy - Manitoba Parent Zone - Healthy Child Manitoba

Make sure you have regular prenatal care. Your health care providers will conduct prenatal tests and screening to help ensure the health of your baby. They will also be able to answer questions about common illnesses and health conditions. This includes painful or uncomfortable side-effects of pregnancy that you will feel and illnesses and conditions that can affect your baby. They will have information about which medications are safe to take during pregnancy and which medications can harm your baby.

While you are pregnant you will think about parenting your future child. Think now about some of the decisions you will make once your baby is born. What are the benefits of breastfeeding your baby? What equipment will you need to have when you have a baby? How will you provide a safe home for your baby? This website will help you find resources to answer those questions and more.