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Whether there's plenty of money coming in or you're struggling to make ends meet, a family budget is a useful tool to help manage a family's finances. While the idea of a budget seems simple – tracking money coming in and money spent – it can be an eye-opening exercise that can help reduce stress, maintain family harmony, and make the best use of your resources. For more tips on how to make a family budget, follow the link below.

  • Avoiding debt during the holiday season: The holiday season can be an exciting time. Most people enjoy looking for the perfect gifts for their friends and loved ones. Sometimes, though, people also end up spending more during the holidays than they had planned. This can leave them with mounting credit card debt and stress that will last long after the holiday season ends. This article provides tips on how you can avoid running up those bills.
  • Financial Stories & Strategies
  • Gift cards and Prepaid credit cards – If you have a pre-teen or teenager in your life right now, it's almost certain you know how difficult finding the right gift for them can be. Gift cards and prepaid credit cards can feel like a perfect solution – and both have become popular gift options in recent years. These cards have different benefits and challenges than cash, and this article helps parents understand how they can help their child best manage the amounts they receive in gift cards or prepaid cards.
  • Making a Budget & Sticking to It
  • Moving On & Managing Your Money : An Information Guide for Domestic Violence Survivors
    When leaving a home where there is domestic violence, people are often faced with money problems. This Guide brings together a variety of information to help identify what steps to take and where to call as survivors get on their feet and manage their money.
  • Post holiday debt: Holiday debt affects many of us, no matter how frugal we may be. You may be shocked or even a little sad when you get your credit card bill, but don't let it get you down. Here are some things you can do to take control of your spending.
  • Talk With Our Kids About Money – Parents and guardians can help greatly in preparing youth for their financial decisions and responsibilities. Many want to help. Many have looked for ways to help. This program can provide the help to get the "money conversations" started.